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Questions can be crazy! Look at interviewers on TV. They create so much trouble with simple questions and put good guys in trouble even if everything they said and did was right! Why and how? The trick is in questions they ask.

Questions can be incorrect. What question implies could be out right wrong. More cunning is the warrant of what is implied in a question being wrong. It is hidden so deep that question looks all right. Yet something is odd about it!

It occurred to me that we should study what can be called Interrogative Calculus? Propositional and other calculi do not cover logic of questions because questions are not propositions. However, questions are part of everyday logic and propositional calculus can not represent  . We therefore need a formal system that can account for questions. I dug to see if there was some research on this topic. Sure, there is. It appears that there is a proposal here.: : in 2001. I am only 9 years behind! A lot of improvement ; It used to be 20 …