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Using Regular Expressions for Program Transformation

I have been investigating the problem of practical code transformation to deal with small changes that have to be made across a large collection of programs in different programming languages. So the problem is not to transform a program entirely but doing small transformations to a large set of programs that too when we have C, Perl, Java etc source programs in that set. This has practical application in software development, code refactoring and testing. A lot of cost savings in software testing is possible if test the suits are well maintained and are automagically transformed using some method. I used a method and published findings on which is rather a full system explanation of what I described here in 2011 There are some interesting obstacles to transforming programs. I will try to explain as well as understand some of them through this post.
When we want to transform a set of programs in different languages what we are dealing with is a bunch of Context Free Grammars (…