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Some classic papers in Computer Science

These have changed our lives more than some, more famous discoveries such as: wave nature of particles, string theory and uncertainty principle.

The list will grow as I learn about them!

[0] Horn's paper: "On sentences which are true of direct unions of algebras"
[1] Codd's paper on Relational Database Model
[2] Shanon's A mathematical theory of communication
[3] C language: developments
[4] Fuzzy Logic - Zadeh
[5] Fuzzy Dizzy sets
[6] Some essays on philosophy of science

What is the Horn's Clause

It is one of my blogs! My latest foray into understanding programming from the perspective of Formal Systems resulted in a few blog posts that you can read here, here and here. The interest got a kick when I had to relate a formal debate and its mechanisms to first-order-logic. I was only partially successful. But it has increased my understanding (also misunderstanding).
I noticed that my blog turns into an activists website when I sympathise with certain causes. It is not bad but it also drags me away from what brings me bread: computer science! In an attempt to put all understandings to "ready to understand" form, I will write about my readings in computer science. Next few things to ecxpect here are: My definition of the interface construct in Java, Quicker Sort
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