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Navigation History Tree

I always wanted a feature in all kinds of exploratory software utilities: navigation history. Isn't that obvious? Apparently not to firefox or Ie or even the I Suffer !

But someone thought about it; way before I did! A Bob from somewhere thought long ago when I was still learning how to use Multi-ICE, about the need for such a tree. Opera and Konqueror were supposed to have it. I have not seen them!

Got some time? Write a firefox plugin. What say? So I begin here! My ಹೆಜ್ಜೆ ೦.೯ ಆಟ plugin (hejjeh 0.9 alpha)! Will tell ya when it is ready.

Why $?

The variables in Perl and bash scripts need a $ behind their ass. Why do we need $ in a free stuff like Perl? Let me know if you have an intelligent answer or atleast a solution :)